The International Executive MBA is designed with the structure especially suitable for the needs of improving knowledge and practice in the current development stage of Vietnam.

  • The curriculum is designed by Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM). PGSM is accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Government of France. All study materials and lectures are provided by PGSM’s lecturers (professors and doctors).

  • The lecturers from prestigious universities at home and abroad are approved by Paris Graduate School of Management, France.

Training time:

  • Course duration: 18 – 24 months
  • Lecture time: Saturdays and Sundays


The curriculum consists of 12 subjects and one graduate thesis. The names of subjects for the two majors are specified in the table below:

International Executive MBA in Strategic Management International Executive MBA in Banking and Finance
No.  Name of Subjects No.  Name of Subjects
1. Marketing management 1. Marketing management
2. Corporate finance 2. Corporate finance
3. Management Decision Making 3. Management Decision Making
4. Strategic Management 4. Strategic Management
5. International Corporate Finance 5. International Corporate Finance
6. Intercultural Management 6. Intercultural Management
7. Organisational Behavior 7. Organisational Behavior
8. Management Information System 8. Management Information System
9. Operations Management 9. Operations Management
10. International Business Management 10. International Business Management
11. Project Management 11. Monestery Policy & Financial Institutions
12. Strategic Human Resource Management 12. Investments & Portfolio Management

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