Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM) is an internationally well-known and recognized brand with its Post-graduate and Leadership Training Programs.

The cooperation among PGSM, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City, and National Economics University has contributed to creating a world-class learning environment for entrepreneurs, middle and senior managers in Vietnam.

Extensively experienced lecturers

Pursuing the MBA PGSM (ESGCI), students will experience an international learning environment in Vietnam. Lecturers of the program are reputable experts and advisors domestically and overseas who are currently teaching and working at famous universities and corporations. In addition to their academic knowledge, lecturers of PGSM also have abundant knowledge of consulting, management and business administration.

Highly practical contents

Based on the policy of training towards integration, improvement of the quality and role of human resources, PGSM always wants to build learning programs that provide more management and administration skills for students than academic knowledge in the book.

All learning materials and in-class communication are entirely in English, creating a favorable environment for each student to practice, foster and improve their foreign language proficiency.

(Photo of a session at PGSM)

(Photo a discussion of Intake 06 SBF in the classroom)

On top of that, students will learn and practice from case studies, analyse and handle real-life situations of well-known businesses and corporations in the world, thereby gaining the ability to identify visions, make strategic plans, solve business situations, practice and improve leadership and management skills.

Electronic library system

With the electronic library system of PGSM, students will be able to refer to a variety of resources to meet the students’ need to expand their knowledge and scientific research.

Teamwork skills

In each subject, students can participate in group exercises, getting many opportunities to practice teamwork skills, exchanging and learning experiences from, and sharing resources and knowledge with team members and peer groups through class debates.

(Photo a presentation of Project Management at Intake 14)

(Photo a discussion of Intake 15 IEI PGSM  in the classroom)

Increase the relationship

The program currently has nearly 1,000 students and alumni who have many years of experience, and at present hold senior management positions in different industries and fields such as oil and gas, electricity, banking, construction, foreign trade, and health, etc., therefore creating a broad PGSM community across the country.

In joining the PGSM community, students not only acquires knowledge but also take the opportunity to expand, connect many relationships, learn experiences from each other.

Upon participating in the MBA PGSM (ESGCI) Program, students will also be able to attend conferences and seminars on economics organized annually by the Representative Office of the Management University of Paris.

(Photo taken at the National Conference on “Economic Picture for Businesses in 2017” which was organized by PGSM)

MBA PGSM (ESGCI) is a pioneer in activities towards the business community, connecting scholars and entrepreneurs, creating a “management playground” for PGSM students in particular and the community of business managers in general.

(Photo taken at the National Conference on “Economic Picture for Businesses in 2017” which was organized by PGSM)

One of the successful activities of the Program is the National Conference on “Economic Picture for Businesses in 2017” which was held in April 2017 with the participation of more than 500 guests including CEOs and economic experts domestically and overseas, opening a solid bridge between companies – professional consultants – businesses and academic, research community.

MBA PGSM (ESGCI) program always focuses on updating and continually providing new knowledge, creating cooperation and connection among the community of enterprises throughout the country; and at the same time aims to provide society with brave and compassionate managers to lead successfully in the current highly volatile global business environment.



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