We hope that the MBA PGSM (ESGCI) has been bringing you lots of fun and interest in learning. Maybe “joy” is not the right word for some students because we, like you, are aware that it is necessary for everyone participating in this Program to make constant efforts and adjust his/her attention to family and society.

However, on our part, it is important to ensure that this Program can and must be an enjoyable experience, including experience in groups-based interaction, discussion about management issues with other practitioners; learning as well as accepting the views of other managers. These experiences will help you become better managers. Management means listening, having a full understanding of the relevant matter, and being confident about the effectiveness of the changes and proposals you make.

Our Program is designed to help students practice as much as possible and give them access to the way companies and other managers deal with problems. Understanding the causes of problems is an integral part of the learning process.



Case studies are given to challenge your analysis and problem solving skills. These case studies are not fictional documents, but real problems or situations. The final exam questions will help us understand your opinions. This is an essay test, allowing students to refer to the material during the test because we do not test memory but your ability to solve problems; and enabling us to evaluate the convincingness and effectiveness of the solutions you offer. These case studies raises global issues. The knowledge of management can be applied in any situation and in any country. Your solution may be Vietnamese specific because you have a clear awareness of the country, law and rules.

Case studies will give you the opportunity to study other companies, the problems they encounter, and how managers deal with them. All knowledge will enrich your understanding and help you properly evaluate the quality of management, effective and ineffective management.

For us, it is crucial to understand your thoughts and comments about the course. We hope you will work with us on this.

Best regards ./.

MBA PGSM (ESGCI) Program Director

Michael Wooi


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