We are delighted to be working with leading universities in Vietnam, implementing and sharing our vision in developing the role of managers, how to help them to be well prepared for success in the face of current challenges, thereby contributing effectively to the growth and development of Vietnam in the future.

The MBA PGSM (ESGCI) program is designed exclusively for leaders and managers of the enterpriese, officials and public employees at government agencies with the purpose of helping them become good and effective managers. The knowledge you gain after attending our MBA PGSM (ESGCI) program will be a testament to the fact that you have analytical, problem solving and creative skills to meet the current challenges faced by leaders and enterprises in Vietnam.

What the Paris Graduate School of Management prides itself on is having over 30,000 students receiving Master’s degrees through a variety of programs. Most of them are holding important positions in major corporations, or successful entrepreneurs. Their main knowledge foundation is obtained through our training program which is extremely useful for their business as well as their career development.

We expect Vietnamese graduates with our Master’s degrees will play an active role in, and make significant contributions tore improving the management experience of Vietnamese administrators, affirming Vietnam’s capacity and position in the international arena.

Best regards ./.

Dr. Marc-Francois Mignot-Mahon


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